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3 Careers For Gaming Enthusiasts

3 Careers For Gaming Enthusiasts

3 Careers For Gaming Enthusiasts

The world of video games has become a brand new professional landscape since it started as a simple R and R activity. In fact, it’s on a roll, and seemingly on a relentless rampage towards reinventing itself even more. The main reason lies on how video games offer a sense of worth to the person playing them, as well as how they bring out a competitive fire that only gamers can truly comprehend.

Thus, it has become an important aspect not only for leisure but as an actual professional career for a good number of people across the globe.

A gamer in his library of games wearing a SEGA t-shirt.

Even in the advent of the internet, people have seen how video gaming has transcended to be one of the most influential industries in recent years. With the boom of online games like League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients 2, the world of computer gaming has been reshaped to its most competitive phase to date.

So how has it become a viable career for many people around the world? What can a person really get from being a gaming enthusiast?

Game face.

Here are some of the things a gaming enthusiast can do with his or her heightened appreciation of the game.

Gamer Blogging

Most gamers are computer enthusiasts. This is a fact, considering the amount of information they need to truly give themselves the edge in the competitive arena that is online gaming. They are so fond of it that they dig deepest in the web to excavate the acumen of great gamers.

Like any greatest opportunists, many people in the gaming community find it a favorable circumstance to pass on their knowledge and earn money at the same time.

Truly, game blogging has become one of the more popular trends in the interactive digital network. Game bloggers write reviews, bugs, cheats and the likes for the benefit of their fellow gamers. But why do such a thing?

It simply is because of the fact that each gamer wants to gain an insight whether the game reviewed fits their liking. By viewing other gamers’ “expert” opinion regarding these games, they gain a wider perspective, creating a benchmark as to decide whether to avail it or not.

Speaking of opinion, these game bloggers are well respected in their expertise in genres of games they write about. Some of these bloggers are so respected that a single bad review about a game can cost millions of dollars for the makers of the game. How’s that for influence?

Powergame interface.

With the exceedingly high number of games come into the scene year after year, gamer blogs have had a similarly great number of views in their own websites. This entails heavy web traffic, making the site a prime spot for ads and other cash-worthy content. It is the perfect way to get extra funds from being passionate in a craft.

Just imagine an upsurge of viewers once a highly anticipated game comes in. WP Hosting Hub and any other hosting services would definitely be on the lookout for huge clienteles like gamer blogs in this digital business arena.

In that same light, game bloggers are also inclined of utilizing other types of media to reinforce their write ups. Some of them use video blogs, which is an actual video of the blogger playing the game, while others make use of screenshots of the important parts of the games.

All in all, game blogging is a great career if a person has the good writing skills and better gaming experience. It’s a demanding job to be in but a fun way to share one’s gaming experience.

New Celebrities are Game Casters

With the flourishing of the online gaming industry, organizer and sponsors alike are now on the rise in creating major events to set up the arena for professional gaming. One of the ways they market these games is by having experienced gamers casted in television to share their thoughts about a player, a team, or the entirety of the game.

In other major sports like basketball and football, one can see the importance of a caster or a commentator in the hyping up of the game. Who would watch a game in television without these casters’ exciting voices that pump up the energy?

Game reporters.

Similarly, professional online gaming takes this role seriously. Since video games once thrived only in children’s computers, it has now become what is called “E-Sports.” A great deal of sponsors and game makers realize how important it is to have casters.

For instance, in a major event of DoTA2 like The International, many of the world’s leading ‘experts’ in the game gather to have themselves casted in television to provide analysis of the games and the players. These casters are often seen in television, presenting a game in their tuxedos and sharing their inputs with regard to how a team played.

It’s an exciting career to be in, not to mention the fame one can get from playing a major part in the production of the television casting. Levelling up the enthusiasm and being able to be valued by one’s analysis is something that is equally exciting for game enthusiasts.

Be the Best: Go Pro

If all of these things don’t sound as exciting, then going pro is the best way to go. Being a professional gamer is one of the trending careers in the world right now.

And that comes with good reason.

3 careers for gaming enthusiasts.

With the birth of E-Sports, more and more people are getting competitive in their respective games, especially considering the viable opportunity to go play professionally for teams. In fact, online games are now employing match-making rankings which assess one’s skills in the games. This ranking allows professional teams to gauge and determine who is the best in a specific region, and more widely, in the world.

However, the question still remains. What does going pro get you?

Aside from having to play with the best of the best in the world, a professional gamer also earns respect from the gaming community, and of course, the cash prize that comes along with winning every competition.

Taking a look at the earnings of a professional online players. Peter Dager, a professional gamer of DoTA2 earned a total of over than 2 million dollars in his career. That’s a staggering amount of money considering that he is also enjoying his passion in playing the game.

Going professionally is a hard task for any gamers since online games are getting competitive by the second. It is an ambitious thing to do, but given the chance, the fruits may be very rewarding and overwhelming at the same time.

Video games evolved in a way that no one had predicted. From being a leisure activity to a viable career, video gaming is indeed a continuously advancing field. Currently, gaming enthusiasts can choose a variety of options that fits to their liking. For one, a gamer can be a game blogger where he can write his reviews and insights about a game. Another trending choice is to be part of a production team in being a sportscaster for events. If all else fails, gamers can then become more ambitious and go play professionally.

The world of video games and online gaming is proving to be vast considering its progresses. This is why people have started pooling, giving rise to the new-aged market trend. As this technological industry rises, people witness its evolution. With that, new opportunities for gaming enthusiasts also grow with it.