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Ctrl + V – The Millenial’s World of Short Cuts

Posted by on Apr 12, 2016 in Feat, Millenials | Comments Off on Ctrl + V – The Millenial’s World of Short Cuts


/miˈlenēəl/, noun

         a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000; a member of Generation Y.

Every certain number of years, researchers and experts tell the tale of an upcoming generation. Baby boomers. Gen X. Millenials. Sooner or later, Generation Z would come up, and they would run out of letters to call the next best thing.

At this point in time, millenials are society’s rising super stars, and the world is experiencing how these near-future leaders think, act, and breathe.


They definitely live a life so fast that other generations are having a hard time catching up. It’s all about shortcuts, fast food and hyper drives. This creates an impression to other generations that millennials are reckless, unguided, and irresponsible. However, the true essence of Generation Y comes from their visionary perspective, unparalleled multi-tasking abilities, and high-level drive to reach their dreams and aspirations.

The world is tough. But they are tougher.

Here’s your chance to know why they are always on the hunt for life’s next best shortcut. Buckle up, and take a joyride with the millennials.

Visionaries are More than just Soldiers of Enchanted Radiance

If the play on the title seems familiar, there is big chance that a millennial stopped by and got hooked on Ctrl+V. The realization would then follow.

“Yup. Just another way to use the thesaurus.”


The creative juices of the millennials activate when fun mixes with their goals. This wild mix stirs the mind to let off the most vibrant rainbow of ideas. In the analog days, sparks of creativity erupt from their minds just as the next reading materials are created. Thanks to the rise of the internet, their minds are almost always juiced up for any opportunity to apply new found knowledge.

Without a doubt, books are still powerful tools to date. However, when “research” is needed, it is just a matter of meeting up with good ol’ Google Search. With a little Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V magic; voila! A fresh-from-the-oven research paper is ready in 20 minutes or less.

This seemingly lazy trick still holds the same basic training of reading sources, connecting information, and effective presentation. However, creativity has now evolved into a digital dance of the fingertips. Results come at lightning speed, allowing more time to do more important activities.

If this isn’t fast enough, millennials now resort to outsourcing to pick up the pace during work. This opens doors to niche focus – an effective trait in success-driven individuals. If it is not a “core-competency,” the task can be delegated. If he is into architecture but not accounting, he better have Quickbooks Online do the numbers as he creates the best post office in town.

The evolution of problem-solving methodologies, information dissemination, and service outsourcing holds the light towards faster modernization in society. Right now, these relatively new concepts in business and trade are changing as the new generation find out new ways to be more creative. It would not take long before current standards become another thing in the past.

You can Have Time if  You Give Time

Time and again, time management has been a powerful but dreadful thing to master. Honest to goodness, most people would rather sit down on the couch the whole day just to avoid any responsibility; if only being a bum makes $100 an hour. Since this is not the case, it is always pertinent to organize the activities of every day of every week of every month.

According to international sales guru Brian Tracy, time management is all about eating frogs. “Eat” the biggest frog first. The little tadpoles can come in later that day. (If that does not make any sense, search Eat that frog! by Brian Tracy.) This is a completely helpful tool to use when a 1000-word article needs to be written, three project proposals need to be revised and 5 new job requests need to be reviewed. All of these tasks have to be done in one day. At this point, lunch and coffee breaks seem comparable to mythical creatures as they start to exist only in the mind of the stunned millennial.

alarm clock

This scenario happens more often now to the goal-oriented, creative millennial. Humongous mutated bull frogs come in huge tidal waves that the unknowing individual gets engulfed in a wart-infested workload. Of all the issues to resolve, the one thing stands out to be recognized.

Generation Y, in partnership with Gen X, have collaborated to bring light to this matter. This is when fast food was born.

Apparently, eating has become so troublesome that it turned into an obstacle rather a necessity. The fast-paced lives of millennials have been caught in the tangled web of burgers, tacos, fries, and soda. Eating home-cooked meals becomes a nuisance to the point of creating another obstacle – health issues resulting from unhealthy eating.

Being the masters of creativity, the new generation sees this growing concern. Healthy options have been popping up like mushrooms on a wet patch. From power bars to salads on the go, the problem seems solved.

That is My Cheese. And That Cheese. And That Cheese.

Dr. Spencer Johnson is the pied piper of Hamlet to those who constantly search for all the cheese in the world. He is the great mind who made a believer in all millennials that adaptability to change is a great tool to win in the world they are in. Living a successful life is just a matter of adjusting to the changing times, and enjoying the process.

One of the glaring characteristics of millennials is their need for speed. As stated above, practically all aspects of their lives revolve around getting what they want in the shortest time possible. They tend to be hyper, quick on the trigger, and ready to fire.


This is also true in acting to achieve their goals..

Goals are usually tied up to a new money-making endeavor. A new business hype can rattle the observing millennial as it triggers an alarm that signals him, “Join in, and get your dream life in 3 months!” They can be easily swayed with little sweet talk and a picture of their dreams dangled in front of them.

This is a double edged sword that can motivate them to success, or hurt them to death when left hanging on the sidelines. Motivation is vital in moving forward with any goals in life. If the other edge goes against them, their survival mode kicks in, and it’s is just a matter of keeping their sanity and taking advantage of the next opportunity that could lead to true success.


In retrospect, “millennial” is just another label on a generation as they are affected by the society’s evolution. The characteristics may change from person to person, but the fact remains – the 21st century’s technology, sociological mindset and cultural priorities have put the pedal to the metal on everyone’s aspirations.

Whichever generation an individual is born into, it’s time to set the pace towards the bigger picture and the perfect life they deserve.

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