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Professional Gamer SumaiL makes it to TIME’s 30 Most Influential Teen list

Posted by on Oct 25, 2016 in Feat, Games, Video Games | Comments Off on Professional Gamer SumaiL makes it to TIME’s 30 Most Influential Teen list

Recently, a Dota 2 professional player made it to the list of TIME Magazine’s 30 Most Influential teenagers. That’s right, a teenager playing Dota 2 made it alongside Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles, political activist Malala Yousafzai, and US presidential daughters Sasha and Malia Obama as 2016’s most influential teens.


Syed Sumail Hassan, who goes by the nickname SumaiL, is a professional Dota 2 player of the Team Evil Geniuses. At the age of 17, this teenager broke into the professional scene, made a mark to thousands, if not millions, of fans as Dota 2’s boy wonder, and now received an acclamation from TIME Magazine. He is the only Electronic Sports (eSports) player to make it to the list, and he stands side-by-side young actors, singers, entrepreneurs, activists and celebrities.

Dota 2 is a game by Valve Corporation, and has grown by millions in terms of player audience. Most especially, it is the largest eSport by far. Dota 2 (Defense of the Ancients 2) is a 2011 revival of the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) of its first iteration taken from the Warcraft 3 franchise.


Held in Key Arena Seattle, its recent premier tournament, The International 2016, has just hosted a collective prize pool of more than USD 20,000,000.  For 2016, the Chinese team Wings Gaming has won the tournament and took home USD 9,139,002.

Hassan’s team Evil Geniuses, who reigned in The International 2015 (taking home USD 6,634,661), has finished this year’s as second runner-up (taking home USD 2,180,898).

Dota 2 is the biggest eSports event by far, but the whole of eSports itself is growing in terms of popularity. For example, Dota 2’s biggest competitor, League of Legends, has recently held its World Championship in Madison Square Garden, New York – a venue that can house about 18,200 viewers. Another Valve eSports game, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, which was also held in New York, is also an extremely famous event in terms of viewership and prize pool.

As eSports events start to increase commercial opportunities in New York, California and throughout the World, its huge audience made someone like Sumail Hassan as a truly influential personality.

SumaiL broke into the scene from being a “pub-star” in public matches to making it to the leaderboards of the best player with the highest win rate in the most highly-skilled match-ups. He then became inducted in the Evil Geniuses training program, and eventually became that 15-year old official mid-laner for EG. SumaiL was subbed in the official roster when Evil Geniuses’ former frontliner Artour Babaev left the team. Consequently, Hassan is the main man of Evil Geniuses as the team looked to participate in the Dota Asia Cup (DAC) 2015.


Aside from numerous successful tournament finishes, Hassan is a known personality for the Dota 2 scene by being one of the top streamers with the most viewership.

“Hassan has become the youngest person ever to earn $1 million playing competitive video games, making him a phenomenon in the rapidly growing world of “e-sports.”,” Sean Gregory from TIME wrote. “Hassan’s game of choice is Dota 2, in which experts say he’s a Michael Jordan-like figure in terms of skill. But despite his rising profile, he still puts family first: Hassan recently used some of his prize money—now at $2.3 million and counting—to buy a house for his parents and five siblings, with whom he moved to the U.S. in 2014.”

DAC of February 2015 was his first LAN tournament – he was only promoted to the official EG lineup in January 2015, and he already gained international acclamation because of his signature-style hyper-aggressive Storm Spirit plays. Four day before his 16th birthday, he was already a champion mid-laner for that USD 1.2 Million prized event.

SumaiL continued to be successful with Evil Geniuses, winning LAN tournaments such as Dota Pit Season 3. Later on, he won The International 2015 at the age of 16.

Now, he is still part of the lineup of Evil Geniuses, who recently finished as 3rd placers of The International 2016 and champions of MarsTV Dota League Season 2. His approximate total (and individual) earnings reach about USD 2,310,582.

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3 Careers For Gaming Enthusiasts

Posted by on Jun 8, 2016 in Feat, Technology, Video Games | Comments Off on 3 Careers For Gaming Enthusiasts

3 Careers For Gaming Enthusiasts

The world of video games has become a brand new professional landscape since it started as a simple R and R activity. In fact, it’s on a roll, and seemingly on a relentless rampage towards reinventing itself even more. The main reason lies on how video games offer a sense of worth to the person playing them, as well as how they bring out a competitive fire that only gamers can truly comprehend.

Thus, it has become an important aspect not only for leisure but as an actual professional career for a good number of people across the globe.

A gamer in his library of games wearing a SEGA t-shirt.

Even in the advent of the internet, people have seen how video gaming has transcended to be one of the most influential industries in recent years. With the boom of online games like League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients 2, the world of computer gaming has been reshaped to its most competitive phase to date.

So how has it become a viable career for many people around the world? What can a person really get from being a gaming enthusiast?

Game face.

Here are some of the things a gaming enthusiast can do with his or her heightened appreciation of the game.

Gamer Blogging

Most gamers are computer enthusiasts. This is a fact, considering the amount of information they need to truly give themselves the edge in the competitive arena that is online gaming. They are so fond of it that they dig deepest in the web to excavate the acumen of great gamers.

Like any greatest opportunists, many people in the gaming community find it a favorable circumstance to pass on their knowledge and earn money at the same time.

Truly, game blogging has become one of the more popular trends in the interactive digital network. Game bloggers write reviews, bugs, cheats and the likes for the benefit of their fellow gamers. But why do such a thing?

It simply is because of the fact that each gamer wants to gain an insight whether the game reviewed fits their liking. By viewing other gamers’ “expert” opinion regarding these games, they gain a wider perspective, creating a benchmark as to decide whether to avail it or not.

Speaking of opinion, these game bloggers are well respected in their expertise in genres of games they write about. Some of these bloggers are so respected that a single bad review about a game can cost millions of dollars for the makers of the game. How’s that for influence?

Powergame interface.

With the exceedingly high number of games come into the scene year after year, gamer blogs have had a similarly great number of views in their own websites. This entails heavy web traffic, making the site a prime spot for ads and other cash-worthy content. It is the perfect way to get extra funds from being passionate in a craft.

Just imagine an upsurge of viewers once a highly anticipated game comes in. WP Hosting Hub and any other hosting services would definitely be on the lookout for huge clienteles like gamer blogs in this digital business arena.

In that same light, game bloggers are also inclined of utilizing other types of media to reinforce their write ups. Some of them use video blogs, which is an actual video of the blogger playing the game, while others make use of screenshots of the important parts of the games.

All in all, game blogging is a great career if a person has the good writing skills and better gaming experience. It’s a demanding job to be in but a fun way to share one’s gaming experience.

New Celebrities are Game Casters

With the flourishing of the online gaming industry, organizer and sponsors alike are now on the rise in creating major events to set up the arena for professional gaming. One of the ways they market these games is by having experienced gamers casted in television to share their thoughts about a player, a team, or the entirety of the game.

In other major sports like basketball and football, one can see the importance of a caster or a commentator in the hyping up of the game. Who would watch a game in television without these casters’ exciting voices that pump up the energy?

Game reporters.

Similarly, professional online gaming takes this role seriously. Since video games once thrived only in children’s computers, it has now become what is called “E-Sports.” A great deal of sponsors and game makers realize how important it is to have casters.

For instance, in a major event of DoTA2 like The International, many of the world’s leading ‘experts’ in the game gather to have themselves casted in television to provide analysis of the games and the players. These casters are often seen in television, presenting a game in their tuxedos and sharing their inputs with regard to how a team played.

It’s an exciting career to be in, not to mention the fame one can get from playing a major part in the production of the television casting. Levelling up the enthusiasm and being able to be valued by one’s analysis is something that is equally exciting for game enthusiasts.

Be the Best: Go Pro

If all of these things don’t sound as exciting, then going pro is the best way to go. Being a professional gamer is one of the trending careers in the world right now.

And that comes with good reason.

3 careers for gaming enthusiasts.

With the birth of E-Sports, more and more people are getting competitive in their respective games, especially considering the viable opportunity to go play professionally for teams. In fact, online games are now employing match-making rankings which assess one’s skills in the games. This ranking allows professional teams to gauge and determine who is the best in a specific region, and more widely, in the world.

However, the question still remains. What does going pro get you?

Aside from having to play with the best of the best in the world, a professional gamer also earns respect from the gaming community, and of course, the cash prize that comes along with winning every competition.

Taking a look at the earnings of a professional online players. Peter Dager, a professional gamer of DoTA2 earned a total of over than 2 million dollars in his career. That’s a staggering amount of money considering that he is also enjoying his passion in playing the game.

Going professionally is a hard task for any gamers since online games are getting competitive by the second. It is an ambitious thing to do, but given the chance, the fruits may be very rewarding and overwhelming at the same time.

Video games evolved in a way that no one had predicted. From being a leisure activity to a viable career, video gaming is indeed a continuously advancing field. Currently, gaming enthusiasts can choose a variety of options that fits to their liking. For one, a gamer can be a game blogger where he can write his reviews and insights about a game. Another trending choice is to be part of a production team in being a sportscaster for events. If all else fails, gamers can then become more ambitious and go play professionally.

The world of video games and online gaming is proving to be vast considering its progresses. This is why people have started pooling, giving rise to the new-aged market trend. As this technological industry rises, people witness its evolution. With that, new opportunities for gaming enthusiasts also grow with it.

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Play the Game and Get the Cash – How to Earn Money and Still Play Video Games

Posted by on Apr 27, 2016 in Video Games | Comments Off on Play the Game and Get the Cash – How to Earn Money and Still Play Video Games

Ever since you were a child, you were one of the biggest fans of video games. The earlier years of this digital fad were all about the emergence of a world where bright lights and playful sounds welcomed you. It was the land of video game arcades – where your allowance found its way into every machine that gave you a rush of pure joy and excitement. It was the world where your friend was one of the bulky machines that had a big “Galaxia” sign on it. You loved the small world you contributed to by playing.

A large stadium of people watching a show with several screens

The gamer in you eventually evolved. You became the gamer who lived within the confines of his own room, but not because you no longer enjoy the virtual world of the digital characters. You created practically the same world in your own turf. Various consoles stacked on your shelves. Cartridges, discs, and memory cards hold the fortress to stand still. You are now the full-blooded gaming ruler of your kingdom.

Budgeting was never an issue as long as you are able to complete your Final Fantasy collection. You always played all versions of each Pokemon. Time and money were just part of the deal. From the most basic Atari to the more compact and more dynamic PS units, your love for the game never waned.

Then you became an adult.

There seems to be a gap between being the carefree gamer you have always been, and the supposedly more responsible adult that you ought to be. Society forces the “should be” ways of an adult on you when bills start to pile up on your console desk. Whatever the world is saying, the young heart within begs to come out of you and keep playing another round of Grand Theft Auto.

Fortunately for you, the 21st century was able to meld the two personas together.

This is the perfect time to play your most favorite game, and get the cash you need. It’s time to make sure your gaming world is parallel to all the things your adult world requires.

Make Cash by Selling Online

Gamers may seem like a lazy bunch. However, they have means to get by with their creativity. Just like what Bill Gates says, there is hope to the “lazy” person as they hold within the creativity that is need to create wonders. With the societal, cultural and economic requirements to produce the dough to live a sensible life, gamers seem lost. Or are they?

Technology’s gift to the 21st century is the internet. You are now handed an outlet to start a business that does not require you to be constantly out operating and managing the traditional physical location of your business. This is the greatest tool for a thriving entrepreneur.

There is a share in the market for different physical stores that are starting to go online. This virtual growth can be tapped by the evolving gamer to fuel the fire of his real life. If you are the type of gamer that is currently dealing with this kind of situation, there are different ways for a gamer like you to be an entrepreneur.

A damaged car with a hand holding a wad of 20's in cash

Online shopping is the perfect way to go. You can practically sell anything, as long as you can properly set-up your site. You can sell clothes, jewelry, toys, your untouched video games, collectibles, and practically any other item in your house you are not using. You can even get cash for junk cars. There is a limitless opportunity for online sellers.

Since your website is doing your work for you, you can spend the rest of the time making sure you’re leveled up for the next boss.

Offer your Skills and Talents Online

If you are willing to work (on the side) while still wired to your game, outsourced services is your best friend. With the booming industry of outsourced service, finding your niche to this growing demand can pave the way to a balanced life of game and work, without leaving the comforts of your gaming throne.

Let’s say you are a talented writer. You can write a 500-word article in 2 hours. You can edit. You can surf the net for reference. This job is perfect for you since you can literally play while working. This kind of setup determines your earning to as much as you can produce.

You are good with graphics, and you can design logos and posters. You are good with numbers, and you offer auditing services. You are good with computers, and you offer technical assistance or online coding. All of these you can do while playing. You are in control of your time and earning.

Woman sitting at a desk with glasses and her arms crossed

There are numerous outsourcing sites to choose from. Outsourcely, O-desk, and are some of the professional sites that can give you hundreds (if not thousands) of remote job opportunities. Furthermore, there are other companies, especially IT firms, which offer “work-from-home” set-ups. As a gamer, one of your main considerations is that you are not required to “go to work.” As long as you can do the job, you get the cash, you control your time, and you get to have your precious game time, you’re set.

Thanks to the power of the internet, these type of professional transactions are now possible. This path can take you as far as you want to go. It starts off with a pre-qualification process from a probable employer. Eventually, if you qualify, you undergo online testing. Once you’re in, you just need to follow your new employer’s requests, and you’re good to go.

That’s flexibility at its finest.

Be the Professional Gamer You Were Born to Be

The sporting world has evolved with the emergence of eSports. Alternately called competitive gaming and pro-gaming, this new line of professional athletics is taking the technological world by storm.

An eSport is basically a type of sport where the main aspect of the competition is facilitated by the electronic system (i.e. console and the video game program). Obviously, the e-athletes’ main skill set revolves around the depth of skills and knowledge they have about the game they are playing. Competitive games range from real-time strategy and first-person shooter, to fighting and multi-player battles. This gives a deeper dimension in professional gaming unlike the one-dimensional game of, for example, Pacman.

A group of young men on a national team giving each other a pep talk

If you think pro-gamers are just kids who know how to play the game, and just play for fun, you might be surprised. These players rake in some pretty serious numbers with their winnings from various tournaments in the field. Saahil “UNIVeRsE” Arora, one of the most popular e-gamers in the world, earned $1,964,038.64 from 39 tournaments he joined in 2015. Arora’s game mastery includes DotA2, where he recently won in The International 2015. With his talent in eGames, he holds his winning at $1,326,932.14 in that one tournament alone.

If that amount of cash he got in one tourney does not excite the gamer in you, nothing else will. Well perhaps the upcoming Final Fantasy XV might do the trick.

Be a Game Consultant to the Lost Gamer

If your gaming skills do not qualify you for the international league, your extensively deep video game knowledge may grant you a spot as the go-to guy of video games. At this age of technology where practically everything is being changed by the minute, you can make a bigger difference to the video game culture and the society. With an unending list of games, there is an equally limitless demand for your expertise.

Imagine knowing what the first island Lara Croft landed into, and how she managed to solve all secret puzzles in the last installment of her adventures. You can create your own Tomb Raider knowledge database for the world to reference to. To think this is just one game… How about the stories of Snake, Cloud and Desmond Miles? Your options are limitless!

how to earn money and still play video games

Aside from knowing the in-game history, the actual game play also requires documented assist for future hardcore gamers. In the past, video game magazines have been tapping into experts to create “walkthroughs” which help future (or currently stuck) players get on with their virtual life. The new age has witnessed the evolution of walkthroughs via the internet’s online support.

The in-game support usually appears on Youtube. The content varies from what is the best equipment to put on your avatar, the best way to defeat a certain boss, or even finding out how to solve the trickiest side quest in the game. These contents are continuously increasing in value. This creates more following in your site. This heightened traffic is a gold mine that gamers have to translate into a real-life money source.

Sharing game knowledge to other gamers while getting paid. What a perfect way to live out the gamer’s dream.

Society depicts gamers as a group of people who are trapped in world of sword fights, car racing, and virtual shooting. However, just like any other individual, you are just as passionate about your hobby. You are just like those who like playing golf, ping-pong, swimming, cross-stitching, and table tennis.

On the other hand, life is about balance. You are entitled to the world you choose to live. However, try asking yourself, “is this what I want?” If the answer is no, the best version of yourself is yet to be found. If the answer is yes, find the path that gives you the best of both worlds – the world of reality where bills and responsibilities exist, and the virtual world where the level 99 hero that you have become is the epitome of the true version of who you really are.

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When Video Games Make You an Awesome Entrepreneur

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Imagine this. You wake up one day, and your life is the best video game of the 21st century. You find out that your character is a “Novice Entrepreneur.” You begin to explore. You start to get the hang of the system. With confidence, you say to yourself, “I’m gonna be the very best like no one ever was.” You immediately realize that to move forward in the game, you need to talk to NPCs (Non-Player Characters).  However, every person you can talk to is another player playing their own RPG (Role-Playing Game). Then it hits you.

This is no ordinary game. It is a game where you only have one life. No restarts. No saved points. It is a continuously evolving world.


It’s called life.

Entrepreneurs have to be the most creative, courageous , and challenge-ready people on the planet. At any given moment, they are ready to move forward, make the best in every situation, and be the social animals that they are.

Their continuously evolving skill set makes them the perfect survivor of the ever-changing world. In this day and age of technology, a hefty dose of those entrepreneurial skills may have come from the virtual world of NPCs, quests, level-ups and rewards. Video games bring a lot of lessons to the thriving entrepreneur. These lessons may have come from a make-shift world, but it definitely is a source of many of the new-aged business skills that works in real life.

Log-on and start the quest to find the entrepreneurial skills that could give you the experience boost on your next level-up in your business..

Will You Conquer This Quest?

The majority of (if not all) video games offer a good dose of side quests to keep everyone all riled up on the virtual experience. Whether a game offers a dramatic role play with a storyline, endless rallies of challenges or non-stop PvP interaction, side quests are always present to keep the players’ energy up.

level up

This staple feature gives an opportunity to learn the value of multi-tasking. With everyday life rolling endlessly, “side quests” come up and give energy boosts to those in need of excitement. In real life, it could be starting a new relationship (Reward: 200exp + a new girlfriend), getting a new car (Reward: 500exp + a new 2016 Audi R8 V10 plus) or building a new business (Reward: 700exp + a home-style gluten-free cookie retail business).

An entrepreneur definitely needs the power of multi-tasking in his day-to-day business operations. Knowing how to handle multiple tasks requires a lot of energy and a huge amount of creativity. Managing the people in a store (Reward: Productivity Boost +10), appeasing a frantic customer (Reward: Repeat Order +25) and bookkeeping the monthly sales (Reward: 250exp + MYOB Accounting Software Assist) will give anyone a headache without the proper training.

An entrepreneur-gamer can definitely see this as an exciting challenge.

The quest to gain ultimate riches and rare items in a game gives an immeasurable adrenaline to a gamer. This drive to pursue multiple tasks taps the psychological effect of a rewards system, which in turn triggers the goal-setting mindset of an individual. Add in patience and determination and this training gives enough experience to level-up a novice to a “Thriving Entrepreneur.”

Balance is the Name of the Game.

It takes a great deal of courage to take on the daily life of an entrepreneur. The unpredictable twists and turns can turn any inexperienced individual into a complete mess of an I-want-my-mommy-because-I-want-to-quit, cry baby. Thus, it is imperative to prepare physically, mentally and emotionally. Without any holistic preparation, one huge swing from the Evil Big-Boss of the business challenge can turn any gamer-businessman into a level 1 bankrupt owner.


Almost every game offers an opportunity to customize various features, attributes, and elements of a character. More often than not, the avatar becomes more impervious to any damage from the environment with proper equipment and preparation. In other situations, focusing on a specific attribute can make the difference between life and death. It is all about balancing and prioritizing.

Sound familiar? Apparently, this game feature is a perfect reflection of real life drama.

Just like life, business is an evolving science. It greatly considers various factors in its evolution – the industry it is in, the manager it has, the condition of the economy when it began, and how other businesses interact with it. The balancing act is done by the entrepreneur to make sure his business remains afloat.

Does the business require more products or additional service (Reward: Income+30)? Is the current manager enough to handle the operations or are more supervisors required (Reward: Production Rate Speed +20)? Are the numbers adding up to give the business a level up (Reward: Expansion +30?

One of the marks of an effective entrepreneur is his ability to react to situations and balance his business’ strengths and opportunity to improve. This makes him an “Engaged Entrepreneur.”

What Doesn’t Kill you Makes you Stronger

Every challenge requires a certain level of capability, flexibility and knowledge. No one comes to the battle unarmed. Even with just a wooden buckler and a dagger, a person can still face challenges. It is just a matter of finding out what needs to be done, what is required to achieve that goal, and how much preparation is needed for the upcoming challenge ahead.

The problem-solving skill of a gamer begins to manifest when a clue is left for him to ponder. The next best step to take would then be to find out which NPC holds the next clue. When the one clue is deciphered after another, it is just a matter of following the bread crumbs to the next big thing. At the end of the trail, the reward can be as sweet as the final potion in the final bout.

Then comes the Ultimate Boss Dark Lord who is 10x bigger than the hero and can only be killed with a +9 Blessed Joyeuse.

Interconnected scenarios make up for a good game also, and the same holds true in real life. Interconnected situations come up which eventually puts you face-to-face with a roadblock. The problems that arise in these situation can only be resolved by finding the right dots, determining which dots connect to another, and ultimately connecting them to create the bigger picture.

Successful businessman with his arms wide open. Joyous man with success perspective, modern buildings at background

This skill of connecting the dots has a gigantic impact on businesses. According to Steve Jobs, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” Finding the ultimate dot can grant the success an entrepreneur needs to beat the final game.

It may just be another game for others, but it can be an ultimate learning opportunity for most of the gaming entrepreneurs. An in-game character level-up maybe an exciting milestone, but learning to effectively multi-task, balance and prioritize, and create ways to overcome a challenge is the best, real-life milestone anyone can get from video games. Plus, an actual income increase and improved productivity rate are always great life bonuses for a real-world business engagement.

After everything’s been said and done, a new game begins, and a whole new set of learning unravels.

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Video Games – Why You Should Play Them

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I think it’s probably happened to us all at some point. It’s come up in conversation with friends, family and maybe strangers. There is a persistent belief that video games are “a waste of time” and the world would be better off without them.
Many debates have been had (that usually end in both sides huffing but no hard answers being landed on) about the negative effects that gaming can have on one’s psyche and social attitudes. Critics argue that games, gaming systems like Nintendo, and gaming computers are a waste of money. However, playing video games is no more expensive than buying a musical instrument and paying for music lessons.

In fact, gaming probably costs less when you factor in all the Dellvideo-game_2141739b coupons and other gaming coupons out there. Additionally, video games are only a waste of time inasmuch as television, reading or painting are wastes of time. If you have self-control, you should have no problem setting limits for yourself. Before critics of the software entertainment industry go locking the doors to Nintendo headquarters, there are a few things they should know.

Video games help the economy to level up

According to a recent study entitled “Video Game in the 21st Century: The 2010 Report,” the annual growth of the entertainment software industry was more than 10 percent. That is five-times the amount that the United States economy grew as a whole. In these unsure economic times, the entertainment software industry is one of the few areas that can be depended on for growth.18ix6k60f89ihjpg

The gaming industry helps US Government in collecting gold coins The entertainment software industry contributed $4.9 billion (yes, that’s billion with a “B”) to the U.S. GDP in 2009. The total was 14.5 trillion, so 4.9 billion may seem like a drop in the bucket, but when you consider how relatively young the industry is, the future looks bright, to say the least.

Video games give people +1 life
Video games and video game technology have been shown to positively affect physical therapy patients. There have been many cases of patients making big strides in recovering their mobility after accidents that left them in wheelchairs or without sticker_large__1lifethe use of a certain part of their body. The virtual reality gives the brain practice firing neurons to the affected area, and the affected area gets practice receiving and processing those signals.
So, next time someone tells you that video games are a waste of time, or if your friends snicker when you tell them you spent the previous night vanquishing zombie wolves in Skyrim, just remind them that you’re doing your part as a contributing member of the U.S. economy. Or maybe tell them you’re just supporting experimental physical therapy methods by playing video games. It might not convert them to gaming fanatics, but it will at least quiet them down for a minute.

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